Our History

Atlas Distributors was started in 1998 to provide customers with quality products, at affordable prices with timely delivery and service. The company strives to bring the best products that are available in the marketplace for all its customers.

Over the last 2 decades, Atlas has associated with the reputed national and international product companies and serves over 5000 customers in Bangalore city. Atlas deals with more than 300 SKU’s (Stock keeping unit) from India’s best companies.

Atlas is a company for brands. We earn our consumer’s trust with the promise that each of the brands we sell enhances our shopper’s experience. We define our success on our ability to make shopping meaningful to our customers.

Our People

We have more than a 100 employees, who take pride in the work they do. Our team consists of skilled and trained personnel who have grown with us over the last 22 years. We take pride in the fact that our staff have been with us for many years and have knowledge of the unique intricacies of partner and customer needs.

Our People

Our Vision and Mission

We encourage youngsters who wish to learn, have a long term commitment and the right attitude. Write to us if you would like to be a part of our company and wish to work, learn and grow.

We seek to be a dominant, efficient, cost effective FMCG (Fast moving consumable goods) distributor of high quality goods.

We are totally committed to provide customer care, adoption of vibrant technology and strive to maintain our lead position in the market.

We welcome partners from leading manufacturing companies and MSE (Medium and small enterprises) to distribute their products through our company.

Clients & Customers

What they say?

Atlas remains committed to total customer care, adoption of vibrant technology and maintaining of our market leadership position.

Our Customers

Customers who experience our services.

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